This is what school is all about—
2 prepare U 4 da world when U get out.
Cheatin’ on ya test won’t get dat done,
Cuz da flip side 2 cheatin’ is U will still B dumb.
If U pay more attention U might understand—
But if U still don’t get it, try raisin’ ya hand.
Those who laugh cuz U seek da facts—
Don’t know neither, they just scared 2 ask.
Education is something U must complete,
Cuz everybody can’t B a pro athlete.
Not aiming 2 destroy ya dreams my man—
But if U get hurt, then what’s ya plan?
Young ladies here’s a tip 4 U 2 honey—
Guys nowadays ain’t tryin’ 2 get with no dummy.
This ain’t da era 2 B just a housewife,
Get dat knowledge N do something with ya life.
Stay away from dem drugs, cuz it ain’t about nothin’
Those who say different R lyin’ N frontin’.
Da best way 2 kill ya dreams N hope—
Is 2 let fools trick U 2 mess with dope.
Education is all dat N a bag of chips—
U will B wise 2 take heed 2 all dez TIPS!

Anythony Mungin
April 29th 2006

“Play By Da Rules”
(4 Da Youth)

Da # 1 Rule
At least finish high school!
If u can learn songs n rap hooks,
U can learn what’s n da books.
Rule # 2
B U!
U R not being real acting like somebody else,
U get more props when u r yourself.
Rule # 3
Stay your butt free!
1 wrong decision out of life,
Can take a lifetime 2 pay da price.
Rule # 4
Don’t pick at da poor!
Don’t stoop dat low,
Cuz u reap what u sow.
Rule # 5
4 get suicide!
Whatever u r going through,
Is not worth more than u.
Rule # 6
Stay out of quarrels u can’t fix!
If friendship comes n 2 play,
Just grab your friend n walk away.
Rule # 7 is 4 your foes—
U got what it takes 2 achieve your goals!
Others might doubt what u can do,
But achievement is totally up 2 u.

Anthony Mungin

March 31st, 2006

« Til You’re Free At Last »

Why don’t you pray – til you’re free at last
Pray – til you’re free at last (bis)
Then thank God Almighty that you’re free at last
When troubles come
Some friends hide and run
It’s a proven fact
Sometimes family – will turn their back
Now what you do
Is totally up to you
Depending on your soul
You can fight back or you can fold
Despite circumstances
Regardless of your chances
There’s not a soul on earth
That can tell Jeus Christ – what you are worth
To God be the glory
We all got our story
You got top face the task
And pray through the struggle til you’re free at last (ter)
Then thank God Almighty that you’re free at last
For goodness sakes
No matter what it takes
Find a way to cope
There’s a lot of strength in the spirit of hope
The roads may be rough
And times may get tough
You know what they say
Baby if there’s a will – then there’s a way
It might hurt your pride
To let somethings ride
But the wise rely
On what will make you laugh – will make you cry
To God be the glory
We all got our story
You got to face the task
And pray through the struggle til you’re free at last
Pray – til you’re free at last (ter)
Then thank God Almighty that you’re free at last
If you lack self-esteem Think about your dream
Don’t be ashamed to praise
For God really works in mysterious ways
Don’t get the wrong assumption
People can’t teach you nothing
Self-check your ego
There are things in life – that you don’t know
The Gospel truth
To the old and youth
Have faith within
You’ll get out of life – what you pray in
To God be the glory
We all got our story
You got to face the task
And pray through the storm til you’re free at alst
Pray – till you’re free at last (ter)
Then thank God Almighty that you’re free at last!

(Song written by A. Mungin, 5th May, 2009)

“Assured Love”

Sometimes . . . you can just tell,
Even when things aren’t going so well.
Occasionally it comes to light when you’re barely copin’—
Old folks would say it gotcha nose wide open.
Like game recognize game, love recognizes itself—
Assuredly to remain apparent if the whole world went deaf.
Although it doesn’t have a specific route—
No doubt it’s what life is all about.
It’s safe to say we all can feel it—
Some will go as far as trying to steal it.
Unenlightened concerning the grandeur where love comes from,
Imbeciles out there would try to buy them some.
How can one buy what’s destine to take place—
When love takes the form of a human face.
The proof resides within the windows of the soul,
Confirming this is how we suppose to roll.
Though rewards come to those who sow and reap it—
Respect goes to those who fight to keep it.
While happenings worldwide get us all enchanted,
Let us not take true love for granted.
From what’s known throughout history—
It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.
So despite what tomorrows take us through—
Don’t ever doubt the love I have for you.

Anthony Mungin (February 29th 2008)

Come now, don’t worry, be uplifted,
Surely we can fix it,
Despite how twisted,
God knows we gifted.
The Word says pray much,
In spite of who says such and such.
Don’t listen to them,
Sing a hymn;
Make a joyful sound,
When praises go up, blessings come down.
Get hooked on the Word of God,
Not ipod.
The internet, well, it’s nice,
But it’s not Jesus Christ.
Why wallow in sorrow?
There’s always tomorrow.
Trials are inevitable—we go through some,
To God be the glory—look how far you’ve come.
It may take a minute or two,
To solve whatever you are going through;
Right versus wrong—stay strong,
Weather the storm, you’re not alone . . .
Despite the wear and tear—
God care.
Look above—much Love!

Anthony Mungin
March 10th 2008


They can make their mouth sound like the radio,
But even fools and cowards can flow.
Tongue wrestlers got a m-e-a-n bark—
All that ain’t nothing but protection talk.
Feed into the madness fools spit,
Then you deserve every bit
Of the trauma you get.
So many pots calling the kettles black—
Got all the sense but ain’t got jack.
You can peep the ones ain’t never had nothin’
They get brand new when they get a little somethin’
A fool with money is like the dead with bread;
It’s no good in his hands is what the Bible said.
And which elite party can we trust—
Who care about ordinary people like us?
The poor; the working class; the multi-colored faces,
Living in 2007 and still dealing with racist.
I question agendas of political powers—
Trying to straighten another country when it’s flaws in ours.
Criticizing Saddam’s execution—calling it botched,
The same country killed blacks when they decided to march.
You may say that happened way back then,
But history has a way of repeating again.
There’s slime in the mix when the people protest,
Camouflaging with a mission to blend with the rest.
Protestor’s compromise defeats the purpose—
Time is of essence for truth to reach the surface.
Don’t hate the player; hate the game,
Gather votes or don’t complain.
Politics is more than deceptive garbage,
Folk suffer for the lack of knowledge.
Until juridical secrecies has been demolished—
Capital punishment won’t be abolished.
Thus capital defendants remain subjected to evils—
Being killed through the law by the stabbing of needles.
For those who got some’em under the cap—
You are not the reason why I decided to snap.
It is for those who are singing the American song,
But won’t do nothing though looking dead at wrong.

Anthony Mungin
A.K.A. “Poetre Skilz”
January 22nd 2007

« Inner War « 
External Battles does n’t compare
With internal perpetual affairs,
Ghost of past,
Bad habits steadfast-
Conflicts within
Never ends.
In seeking ways out
I pause and sigh with doubt,
Because those I love
May not understand,
That uncertainties,
Hinders veracity-
Mystifying this capricious man.
Presumptuous loneliness feared
Derived from unforgettable tears,
Affects my clutch
On the hearts I touch.
O inconsistent Soul
That only God knows,
Pray the remedy to this Inner War
Will tarry not afar

© Anthony Mungin
January 3rd 2003

« Weathering the Storm »

The heart gloomily beats—
As the soul sadly weeps.
Staid prayers are uttered,
Grief pathetically muttered.
Hope exist in sorrows prime,
But fades during the continuation of time.
The mind awaits divine intervention—
Desperate for heaven’s center of attention.
Oh, if calamities were only dreams,
And the dreamer’s will could change scenes;
Roles of hardship would not prevail—
Conspiracies to oppress would remain in hell.
Seemingly when all appears lost,
And delusions cuts confidence off;
Heaven’s light of grace engulfs the weak,
Bestowing favor upon the meek.
Soon strength arises like the morning sun;
A bright attitude supersedes the pessimistic one.
Suddenly new perspectives form—
Providing enlightenment to weather the storm.
Inevitably in life trials exist,
And improbabilities has its sinister list.
Yet, nothing exhibits more dignity than this:
Pursuing goals and dreams despite the risk.

Anthony Mungin (July 1st 2007)

(New Year’s Resolution)

Imma Try to stop cursin’—
On the strength to become a better person.
Imma Try not to be so quick to judge—
Besides it’s bad for the ulcers to hold a grudge.
Imma Try to stop seeking revenge, in fact,
Imma stop dwelling on cats I wanna get back at.
Imma Try to improve my relationship with God—
Despite the opinions of those who think it’s odd.
Imma Try to be the first to practice what I preach—
Which should increase the credibility of what I teach.
Imma Try to be quick to listen and slow to speak—
And let the voice of experience guide my feet.
Imma Try to be more open-minded—
For understanding rewards those who find it.
Imma Try to think the best of those who’ve died—
Instead of harboring their mistakes inside.
Imma Try to have a better attitude—
Because negativism is just the same as being rude.
Imma Try to love others as I love me—
Those who are free, and the human beings in penitentiary.
Imma Try to feel the next man’s pain,
For at the end of the day we’re all the same.

Anthony Mungin
January 1st 2008


Imagine being an eagle –
with fresh wings to flee;
Or a shark that hunts
in the depths of the sea.
Imagine having the heart of a lion –
that knows no fear;
Or ability to glide with swiftness
in the prime of a deer.
Imagine possessing the quickness
of a modern house cat;
Or having sight at night –
like that of a bat.
Imagine having the strength
of a young drama bull;
Or the courage to fight till death –
like a treacherous pit-bull.
Imagine being a dove –
that symbolises freedom;
The most recognised displays
of the charisma kingdom.

Now, imagine being something…
Or someone else than yourself;
Then, I’ll show you an indolent creature –
With only imagination left.

February 25, 2001
© Anthony Mungin


It’s a night of silence
Lights systematically turned off.
Occasionally a toilet flushes-
Followed by a smoker’s cough.
A flashing light quickly fades-
Along with the sounds of heavy boots.
Alas the vibes are calmer now,
Returning to the creators of their roots.
Tinted black dusty windows
Partially limit my vision;
As the strength of the cold iron
competes with the strength of my religion.
Tonight my thoughts debate-
Between reminiscing or imagination.
These few keys to freedom
Are mental escape methods from incarceration.
Interrupted by the moans and groans
Of the condemned dreamin’
I sympathize with the tortured soul-
Fighting to defeat his retaliatory demon.
The casted shadows from the bars
Remind me of the shadows of my mistakes.
Oh, how adversity increases wisdom-
Constantly disciplining my traits.
Another night of midnight madness;
In a modern day dungeon for political show.
In purity, these are my thoughts-
As I record the sounds of the nights on death row.

December 16, 2000
© Anthony Mungin


Bless the womb for a child has been born
in the middle of the dawn
He’s blessed with the seed of permission
to take the truth and pass it on.
A time will come when he shall fall,
but not lose his sight.
On his knees, in the Blood of the Lamb,
is where he’s taught how to fight.
The poison of self-destruction
was embedded in his way.
Yet, adversity has it’s mystical ways –
to teach how to pray.
All the while the clock ticks,
and the sign of age is revealed.
The scars of the heart from yesterday’s –
has miraculously been healed.
Now wisdom is sought, the soul is hungry –
aging has become a blessin’.
But if I shall die before my time –
show me where’s the lesson.
“Look how much time has passed,
and how much do I have?”
“How did I get to death row,
from chillin’ on the Ave?”
With all the strength in my spirit;
I shall not fear the clock.
Just let me complete my part in Thy plan –
before you let it stop!

© Anthony Mungin


To the Creator of Life –
The Father of Love.
To the God of my heart,
in Heaven above.
I do not come to beg;
for this is not a request.
I didn’t bring a list of sins –
that I came to confess.
Lord I stand in your presence –
to give you thanks.
Just as Jesus did –
standing on your river banks.
I thank you for my life,
and the days that I see.
I thank you for the ability –
to be all I can be.
Thank you for giving me peace,
when I become angry and tense.
Forever I will be grateful,
that I’m blessed with good sense.
I thank you for my eyes;
to see the beauty you created.
Thanks for giving me time to change,
cause I know how long you waited.
And though I went astray
and lived my way….
You allowed no one to take my life,
but gave me another day.
So I’m grateful for the struggle,
the pain and tears.
Grateful for the experience through the years,
that helped me conquer my fears.
I thank you very much –
for the beautiful color of my skin.
Thank you for salvation –
and the power that’s within.
I thank you for my family,
especially grandmother.
She introduced me to your word –
and set an example like no other.
Lord I thank you for my friends –
their love and care.
No matter how low I fell,
you made sure one was there.
Father I thank you with all my heart –
for your mercy and grace.
Thank you for the victories
in the battle that I face.
When all is said and done:
my ups and downs, good times and bad,
I thank you Most High Almighty Creator –
for the bless’d life I’ve had.

© Anthony Mungin


Today I humble myself before you –
in this Poetic Prayer.
I bow to the Greatest Lover in the Universe
because I believe you care.
I’m a living witness of your existence;
Let me now testify.
Man can create his own religion
but there’s only one Most High.
You’ve spared my life many times,
even when I begged you to take me.
But now, I bless the day of my parents’ passion
as you permitted them to make me.
My life hasn’t been as good as it should’ve
and I’m the one at fault.
The love of the streets threw me off
then vanished when I got caught.
I couldn’t see it then, but I see it now
when I used to creep through the night.
I’m alive today cause grandma prayed –
Lord, give him time to see the light.
I saw the glory of your goodness,
but just couldn’t make that step.
Lord God Almighty I was a fool
that needed help.
Now I ask you to forgive me –
for all the wrong I’ve done.
Wash me with the Blood of the Lamb,
and robe your prodigal son.
Give me the enthuse to pray…
for the young and the old.
Take the bad attitude out my heart,
and the ego out my soul.
Grant me with the wisdom you gave King Solomon,
and the courage of King David.
Then I can be brave to tell the Yeast Masters:
“I don’t want to hear it, so save it!”
Correct me and discipline me,
but permit no one to kill me.
For Lord, you are my shepherd, I shall not want
here’s my cup; fill me!

April 24, 1999
© Anthony Mungin


Great God of all gods,
My King of all kings.
Merciful Father of glory –
Creator of all living things.
In the name of the Prince of Peace –
Lord Alpha and Omega…
I come in prayer through Jesus Christ,
Your Son – My Lord and Savior.
I wish I knew myself –
as explicitly as you know me.
Enigmatic, yet indisputably –
I remain my own mystery.
I’ve felt like a tourist of righteousness;
inconsistency had taken toll.
To walk the narrow path in this age –
is not an easy role.
My faith in You won’t allow me –
to doubt You or prevaricate.
Your accuracy and glorious blessings –
I could never calculate.
I don’t need any evidence –
proving You exist at all.
But what I need is Your attention,
and to hear me when I call.
Strengthen me with self-control,
let Thou angel protect three.
Until I’ve grown in Holy maturity –
angel, “fight what is blind to me!”
Electrify me with the Holy Spirit,
to be an effective witness.
Let me expose by the Spirit of Truth –
that the atheist theory is senseless.
Father, hear my poetic prayer –
and accept my praise.
Straighten my ways –
and lengthen my days.
I intercede for my country –
that all nationalities be of one team.
For this is my vision of love –
my prayer and American Dream.

November 9, 1999
© Anthony Mungin


Unknown often when death comes near,
Compelling broken hearts to face its blow;
The propensities to reason seem unclear,
When rationality tends to drag us low.
Seemingly O death manifests afar,
Or so unconsciously we embrace the facade;
Losing loved ones to an inevitable law,
Whether tragical or peacefully is indubitably hard.
Reminiscent heart hear sounds of laughter,
Of sons, daughters, wives, husbands and friend;
And memories of their joy shall remain hereafter,
As a blessing to the spirit and soul within.
But, oh how thou absent physicality awakens,
Realities’ most dreadful epitome;
O precious soul in motion taken,
My lost expressions are in tears I free.
Yet, who I have loved I shall love still,
That love which I’ve cherished shall never die;
Til my own end, this oath shall I fulfill,
And walk on through tears that cherubs and I cry.

November 27, 2001
© Anthony Mungin


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